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TOPS / Honey Harper [big room]

Monday, April 13
Show | 10pm // Doors | 9pm

TOPS were formed in Montreal in 2011 when song

writing duo David Carriere and Jane Penny
decided to join forces with drummer Riley Fleck. Since then they have become one of the most
influential underground bands of the past decade, creating a space for
sophisticated pop music
in the indie world.
Within the vibrant community surrounding
Arbutus Records
at the time of their formation, TOPS
forged a unique sound. The only traditional ‘band’ on the label’s roster, they’ve built a significant
following of f
ans, a dedicated audience at their live shows and a musical connection that
continues to deepen as the years go by. With their newly minted label

Musique TOPS

band is poised to release their best work to date.
Their tendency to opt towards makin
g straight

forward, stripped down and honest recordings
lets their pop songwriting shine out in the open. With a heart firmly attached to their sleeves,
their songcraft delves into the emotional intricacy of personal relationships, asking questions
about p
ower and desire. Riley Fleck’s measured drumming and David Carriere’s trademark
guitar licks mesh with Marta Cikojevic’s lush keyboards. All these elements work in tandem and
in service of Jane Penny’s unmistakable, wistful voice.
The result of this mixt
ure is a collection of three self

produced records and a handful of singles
that cover a range of moods and a complex emotional realm while maintaining a groove and
musicality. Soft rock infused pop hits flow easily, surrounded by their signature moody bal
TOPS are celebrating the launch of their own record label, Musique TOPS, by sharing two
unreleased songs, taken from the recording sessions of the band’s most recent LP,
Sugar at the
. The haunted 70’s folk elegance of “Echo of Dawn” is paired
with the energetic “VII
Minutes”, a classic example of the band’s uptempo, breezy sound.