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The Trouble Notes [small room]

Monday, March 04
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
$12 to $15

The Berlin-based trio is Bennet Cerven violin, Florian Eisenschmidt guitar, and Oliver Maguire percussion. Their music doesn’t need words to convey stories or foster connections. The Trouble Notes resonate across genres and cultures with visionary and accessible compositions.

Their music has vitalized people all over the world as it allows them to escape the mundacity of their daily routines or offers them comfort and salvation in difficult personal circumstances.The connection between the musicians lulls the audience into a trance, transporting them on a musical journey.

The trio’s aesthetic conjures the intrepid contemporary sounds of EDM, hip-hop, indie rock and stoner rock along with the disciplinedtraditions of classical, gypsy and jazz.

Here is some further information about the band and their new album:

In February 2018 the band released their new album Lose Your Ties which they heavily toured all over Europe.