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My One and Only / Josh Waddell [small room]

Thursday, January 30
Show | 8pm // Doors | 7pm

Emotionally-honest lyrics will lead you through hidden scenes in their lives, accompanied by racing-striped acoustic guitars, suitcase kick-drum and the bold harmonies that only life-long lovers could discover. Kassie and Benjamin meld old-school country, singer-songwriter, and alternative folk-rock into a sound that can only be described as “Southern-Soul and Curious-Grit”.

Josh Waddell
Josh Waddell was born and raised in Muscle Shoals, AL with a taste for classic rock and soul. His grandmother made him take guitar lessons in grade school, but he would quickly lose most of his music interest until moving to Memphis in 2015. It began in the Memphis open mic scene and has now become a full-on pursuit of live performance and songwriting.