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GRRL FEST IV [big room]

Saturday, August 22
Show | 4pm // Doors | 3pm

Join us for another year for a magical night filled with music, art, and love on Saturday, May 23! You know the drill (and if ya don’t, PAY ATTENTION)
–> This show is an annual women’s benefit festival. We are coming together to celebrate the powerful and hardworking femmes within our community. Here’s the deal — every band that plays has at least one member that identifies as a female, and every single dollar raised goes to the Southern Girl’s Rock Camp through YEAH! Rocks (want more info? here ya go https://yeahrocks.org/). All of the art for this event is by Sara Mosely (@cakeslime).
$$$ 15 $$$

If you’ve made it this far…here are the acts this year! Click those links if you wanna give your ears a lil treat before May 🙂

~Bruiser Queen (St. Louis) https://bruiserqueen.bandcamp.com/
~Harlan https://hrln.bandcamp.com/
~Magnolia https://rarennudes.bandcamp.com/album/perspicacity-over-paradox
~Mama Honey https://mamahoneymemphis.com/releases
~Louise Page https://weezypage.bandcamp.com/
~Schaefer Llana https://schaeferllana.bandcamp.com/
~Big Clown https://bigclown.bandcamp.com/
~Rosey https://yesorrosey.bandcamp.com/
~True Danger https://truedanger.bandcamp.com/releases
~Lahna Deering

– Proud Mary
– Sarah Day
– Lexi Perkins
– Jess Kirk
– Ixora Memphis

Goner Records
Memphis Made Brewery
Aldo’s Pizza Pies