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Dream Crusher Hope Smasher w/ Ben Ricketts / Foggy Brains [Big Room•Upstairs]

Friday, July 16
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm

Putting all the local talent that one pot can hold into a mash up of misadventure, mid-life crisis and potentially credit score lowering musical algorithms, Dream Crusher Hope Smasher is the sum of all its parts.
Geoff Smith (Star & Micey), Matt Strong (Space Face), Mark Miller (Simple Ones), Doug Walker (Chess Club, Vanishing Islands, Lights May Flicker), and Jason Barnett (Chess Club, Vanishing Islands, Lights May Flicker) deliver a cross section of synth driven rock anchored by undertones of what could be Dark Wave, Plastic Soul, or simply a wall of digital sound that pivots on lush underpinnings.
After hunkering down over the 2020-2021 winter/spring and wrapping up their new EP “Vertebrate Moves”, Dream Crusher Hope Smasher is eager to get out, get some air and stretch their legs.
…We’re just kidding. We’re actually a Pan Flute band with glass harp and nyckelharpa. But we’re reely good. And we have electronic drums. They sound amazing. Seriously. You gotta come see us.