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Bloodkin / Sunweight [Big Room-Upstairs]

Sunday, April 21
Doors: 7pm  //  Show: 8pm

The Athens, Georgia based rock-n-roll band known as Bloodkin have collaborated with a long and impressive list of performers, writers, and producers. Their 20-year history has seen a roller coaster of experiences fueling 8 albums worth of material. The beloved American rock band, Widespread Panic, covers 5 Bloodkin Songs on their various recordings as well as live in concert recordings and videos. Bloodkin member, Danny Hutchens, co-wrote the Widespread Panic song called “True To My Nature” with the Widespread Panic band members.

Though the band has undergone a myriad of changes over the years, core members Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter continue to brazenly pump out gut-thumping, southern-fried nuggets.  Produced by veteran studio wiz David Barbe, this album finds the outfit taking a fierce musical stance against their inner demons and gracefully embracing some hard-won life lessons.” -Elmore Reviews

“This is a no-rookie band that writes meaty, heartfelt country blues tunes, and only by the cruel hand of fate is far lesser known than the Drive-By Truckers or Widespread Panic, two bands whose members are pronounced Bloodkin enthusiasts and with whom, where songwriting and musicianship are concerned, Bloodkin is an equal.” -Popmatters.com

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