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Downstairs is always 21+ With the *exception of performers.* Upstairs is all ages unless otherwise specified.

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282-284 N Cleveland St
Memphis, TN 38104

Anemoia / The Gunpowder Plot / The Scatterguns / Heavy Machine Gun [Small Room-Downstairs]

Wednesday, September 18
Doors: 7pm  //  Show: 8pm



/Cape Girardeau, MO

/Formed in 2016

/Sounds like punk, thrash, Southern metal

/Songs about drinking, fighting, boredom, isolation, murder, death and laughter

/Blending punk fury, thrash rhythms, and the swampy grooves of Southern metal, The Scatterguns bring deep-fried raucousness wherever they go.  Thrashy riffs and searing solos combine with thundering rhythms and gravel bar vocals for a sound that’s part mash, part trash, and all rock.

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